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Fidget Cube she did not expect Chen Yu day to be so open to say these words, although the former Chen Yu day through a similar meaning and Linyi appreciation, but Song Ling Shan still no Thought, Chen Yu day will solemnly say this thing today Chen Yu day although the strength of bad, but Song Lingshan also know that Chen Yu day is a man to speak, he said, that is really want to open Well, you can think so, then I worry, then I call you Yutian Ge it. Song Ling Shan and Chen Yutian directly finalized the brother sister relationship. Oh, this relationship some chaos Chen Yutian scratching his head, Lin Yi is his instructor, in his mind, even if not the master, but also the existence of the boss in general, and Song Ling Shan Lin Yi if later really, it is not the mother Also sister However, this can only be said later. What relationship mess Song Ling Shan slightly surprised a moment, but then thought of what Yu day brother, you and Lin Yi in the end what is the relationship This you still ask him his own, I can no.there and confrontation with the wolves, now see who is more patient, Lin Yi is no problem, he Only hope that the wolves impatient to leave. Chapter 1124 Valentine s Day Special Section After a while, the wolves really some impatience, but they did not choose to leave, but chose the collective action Wolves, there fidget cube is a leading wolf, it directed at fidget cube the wolves called out later, fidget cube those wolves have come together near the cave Lin Yi suddenly surprised, did not expect this group of wolves is actually organized wolves, before the discord to see two wolves, Lin Yi also thought that these wolves are self walking together. Wailing lead the evil wolf out a shrill cry You hiding behind me Lin Yi took a fidget cube pink and white deep breath, he can not leave small condensate regardless, not to mention small condensate is to protect him, if fidget cube quartz not, alone, before the relationship between two people, Lin Yi also impossible Regardless of her regardless Well Although the fear of rain condensate, but to hear the words of Lin Yi, or got up and hid behind.

r, these bottles and jars of high end things, and only the daughter of the daughter of Chu Mengyao can afford it think of it, Tang Yun could not help but worry about some of the Although he is invincible youth, but after it Another ten years twenty years, I am afraid they are not as good as Chu Mengyao and small Shu skin good, people are after long term maintenance, their direct loss in the starting line But to Tang Yun current family conditions, can not afford these things, Tang Yun can only sigh, she first felt that money is particularly important, although there is no money before, but not so strong feeling. Bath is very clean, it is clear that only Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu two used, Tang genuine fidget cube Yun d not hold anything, two people are clean people, it touches on others do not mind their good. fidget cube darkturquoise Put the hot water, lying in the bathtub inside, Tang Yun secretly thinking, immediately to college, and after college, we must not be like a high school just silly to learn, and must be a useful to Lin Yi people.ys bearing in mind their own identity He did not want the rain condensate for their own fear, she should have fidget cube a happy life is not it However, this love, although buried in the heart, Lin Yi and the relationship between rain condensate, but it is more and more ambiguous until that time the rain people come forward to intervene in the fidget cube ship date Lin Yi frowned, do not want to think about it. Past things, let it past it, at least, Lin Yi is now very satisfied, and very happy This time the task, so that Lin Yi truly into the metropolis, became an ordinary person, so that Lin Yi has a real feeling. Lin Yi reason to let go of the mood, because the old man at home, then the old man promised, it will be Lin Yi life in the last task, after retirement can be done and settled in Matsuyama City, which also let Lin Yi did not Before the drift of life scruples, only to open the heart to accept the Tang Yun and Feng smiled. Lin Yi s thoughts, was screamed behind to pull back the reality, do not look at Lin Yi also know, they are not for the Peabody of the feelings, so that The one hand, Xiao brothers also relieved Xiao Ben afraid of skin home for the things of Peabody also feel grievances, for fear of when to turn the old account implicated in Xiao, but now it seems, there is no need to worry about, but Shaw and some unwilling, he is Looking for Lin Yi revenge, the skin home after he wanted to do the first thing, that is, people continue to go to Chu Peng exhibition there b debt, but now it seems, the skin home for Pibo simply do not care, Then help Pibo revenge may also small fidget cube unboxing and small But anyway, Xiao s take off has become inevitable, Shaw turned to the Xiao based said Big Brother, you are now the name of Xiaojia to release the news of the Lord, we have the hidden home Xiaojia support , Began a comprehensive collection of business partners Well, wrapped in me Xiao base patted xiong pro mouth promised down, bragging things he loves to do, not to mention this time is not simply bragging, but the fact that there is Xiao.

Fidget Cube s body Lin Yi is no more than stay in the meaning, no matter what the identity of the old man, and whether he is good or bad, at least he is not hostile to Chen Xi, and that Lin Yi will not have to worry about Chen Xi stay here will be dangerous Believe oneself go, the situation in the field will have a big reversal Xie Yufeng from beating people, will certainly become the people who were beaten Lin Yi, how do you not stop Xie Yufeng Feng smiled surprised a moment, did not think Lin Yifu do not care, wanted to go so, suddenly some doubt huo. Come on, go back. Lin Yi Feng smiled to make a color, took her back to go. Feng laughed though do not understand the meaning of Lin Yi, but Lin Yi s wisdom, is certainly the reason for the hum, so did not say anything, saw Chen Xi a, it is followed Lin Yi away. There, Chu Mengyao, Chen Yu Shu and Tang Yun, Xie Yufeng beat an old man for the things that could not understand, but to fidget cube their surprise, Lin Yi actually no matter Chu Mengyao want to say, Chen Yushu is thoughtfully look.itations. Well, right here, right, and quickly born fire, I was hungry, this day, they are monitored in Chumeng Yao doorstep, things are not even eat An Jianwen said. Well so I first look at the instructions, how to use this barbecue pits. Su Tai said early. Chanting fire, but also how to use this thing also used to explain it An Jianwen some can not wait to say. Roa. Chapter 1143 We want to eat seafood Now who use the ignition, ah, it is not the original talent fidget cube coral thing What are the electric oven Su Tai proudly said You see Lin Yi, silly Baji in the side of the fire, Not a little environmental protection, but also easy to burn their own Grass, you are a silly bubble, which the wild outside of the power supply You buy will not be plug in, right An Jianwen Su Tai early, then suddenly a little anxious. This Yang Gang Lou should not have committed such a low level error ah Su Taiwan as early as an Jianwen, then scared out of a cold sweat Yes ah, how can this power the sea Not a joke That s how it happened.